Big Four Legislative Priorities for 2020

  1. Establish the full remission of tuition fees for the children of all Disabled Veterans attending State schools.
  2. Require that Veterans who are in the VA’s Individual Unemployability category and the surviving spouse of a Veteran who dies while on active duty receive the same property tax exemption as a Veteran rated at 100% disabled.
  3. Provide legislation to allow electronic gaming terminals in Congressionally Chartered Veterans Service Organizations facilities.
  4. Designate $4M of State lottery ticket revenue to fund County Veterans Service Officers.
  5. Modify Indiana code concerning Homeless Veterans, replace the current Veterans as defined by the VA with “Hoosier Veteran and Veterans discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.

Supported Resolution

National Medal of Honor Highway Across America, designate the portion of the US Highway 20 in Indiana which is a small part of the 3,365 miles of US Highway 20 which runs from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon to honor the 3,505 Medal of Honor recipients.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Legislative Chairman

Richard Leirer



American Legion

Legislative Chairman

Kenny Cooper



Disabled American Veterans

Legislative Chairman

Jesse Testruth



American Veterans

Legislative Chairman

Ron Martin