2015 Membership Guide

New DD-214 Requirements!

This is very important information and must be shared with all Posts and Post Officers. Please repeat and pass out hard copies of this information at your next district meetings for those posts not getting this information via email or Department website. It is your responsibility as District Officers to ensure every post in your district gets this information. You can download the documents here - one is the IRS Document that explains the new requirements for all veterans' organizations and the other an article on the American Legion's efforts in getting this accomplished. Please read these attachments thoroughly before asking questions. If then you have questions feel free to contact me and if I don't have the answer I will find it from some source. Questions I have already been asked: Does this pertain to the Auxiliary, Sons and Riders? Yes, Yes and I don't think so. The auxiliary and sons have membership requirements just like the regular AMVETS. If the IRS comes visiting they may have to prove their members have legally joined their organization as well. Since the Riders membership must be proven through the other organizations anyway I don't believe they are subject to these requirements but it probably wouldn't hurt to have this information on file. Does this mean we can remove the DD-214s from our files? No - if you read the IRS rules closely you will see that in some instances when " an agent possesses information that contradicts documentary information provided or if the organization fails to satisfy a reasonable request, agents may then request DD Forms 214 or other discharge documents from the organization in order to ascertain compliance with the federal tax laws cited herein" thus indicating that the DD-214s must still be available. Again if you have questions or need clarification contact me and I will get the information for you.


I just want to remind everyone that the revalidation process will be starting before you know it. Absolutely DO NOT revalidate with National - DO NOT pay any attention to any information that National AMVETS puts out on the revalidation process. You will get all of the information you need from the Department and this website/Revalidation page. If you fail to revalidate with the Department your post will be suspended whether or not you revalidate with National. It is very important that you get the proper information and forms from the Department! The Department revalidation package will be available over the next couple of days.