Insurance Policy & IRS Form 990

These 2 items are the most forgotten when running your post. The first thing you should do is check on both of these when the new officers are elected and then make sure someone is responsible for updating them on a yearly basis. The Department will be following along with National in suspending posts who do not complete these requirements in a timely manner. A letter of suspension will be issued with a copy kept in the post's permanent file with another forwarded to National. This will be accomplished beginning January 1st. It's been like pulling teeth to get the insurance policies updated with the Department and National. After a period of rushing around for updates to prevent post suspensions you would think that the next year post officers would be on top of things and take care of it in a timely manner. However, that does not seem to be the case as there are currently about 4 or 5 posts suspended by National for not having the proper paperwork submitted. The insurance requirement is that any post with their own post home is required to have a General Liability policy and with a canteen you need Liquor Liability as well. The required paperwork comes in the form of 'Acord 25' of which one copy goes to National with the National's name and address in the bottom left hand corner labeled 'Certificate Holder'. A second copy needs to be forwarded to the Department with their name and address in the 'Certificate Holder's' section of the 'Acord 25'. The insurance companies know all about this form but don't understand the requirement for their submission. They are not being told to send out the paperwork so it's not being accomplished. I have put reminders on the Events Calendar on the Department website and have been sending out emails to the addresses on file for each post. If you are not getting your emails at your post or would like to add to your post mailing list, you need to get with me and get this taken care of. If you don't get emails and don't go online at the website for some reason you best stay on top of this requirement as you will not be getting reminders from the Department. I do suggest though that you find someone in your post who has an email account and have them forward Department information to your officers and other members. The IRS Form 990 is another area of concern for posts and I have to admit I am not on top of this as much as the insurance policies but I am working on it. The neglect by some posts shows, when all of a sudden, the post is hit with thousands of dollars in penalties for not filing on time depending on the length of time it takes to finally make the filing. I've seen anywhere from $3000 to $7000 of fines being levied. Every post and most Auxiliaries, Sons and Riders are required to file this form in some manner (ex. 990, 990EZ or 990N). The 990N commonly called the postcard can be filed only by the very small posts. I will be working to make sure that the due dates for each post is added to the Events Calendar as a reminder. If there are any questions about this form and its filing (I usually do it online and it is accepted the next day) feel free to get in touch with me and we can get things worked out.As most of you should know both of these requirements were included in the revalidation paperwork. It doesn't really make sense because new policies and the IRS Form are being revised almost monthly for some post in the Department. What I would like to do is make these items required when the new policy is about to go in effect or the IRS 990 is due. For further information, please follow the Department website (, Facebook ( or Twitter (@IndianaAMVETS) accounts.

Insurance Due Dates:

  • Post #2919 South Whitley   January 14
  • Post #91 Monticello   January 19
  • Post #7 North Vernon   February 5
  • Post #13 West Harrison   February 7
  • Post #99 Indianapolis   April 1
  • Post #23 Hartford City   May 5
  • Post #6 Gary   June 1
  • Post #84 Evansville   June 14
  • Post #11 Connersville   July 1
  • Post #64 Whiting   August 1
  • Post #12 Muncie   September 6
  • Post #2000 Bloomington   September 23
  • Post #38 Greens Fork   October 7
  • Post #15 Cedar Lake   October 12
  • Post #26 Pendleton   October 27
  • Post #692 Anderson   November 8
  • Post #33 Fort Wayne   November 9
  • Post #5 Marion   November 13
  • Post #61 Rockville   November 15
  • Post #102 Fowler   December 1
  • Post #66 South Bend   December 16
  • Post #222 Terre Haute   December 20